A Little About the Littles

Well, if you have read my first post, you know a little about me, but you don’t know much about the most important people in my life!

First comes Drama Queen, she’s 5 (some days it feels like 5 going on 16!), and full of energy and imagination. She’s an awesome big sister to her brother and sisters and is the most kind-hearted child I’ve ever met. She has a soft spot for anyone in need and has even gone as far as to donate 10 inches of her hair, and walk in the Relay for Life (she even did her own fundraising by selling hairbows she made!). She’s also a dancer, and this fall will be her fourth year!

Next is Little Man, at 4.5 years old. He’s the typical super protective brother type, and our only son. He was such a busy toddler, but has calmed down a lot- although he’s still an energetic little thing! His favourite things to do are building puzzles, playing with lego, and playing outside. He’s such a cuddly, sweet boy, and he’s so excited to start hockey this fall!

Then there’s Princess, she’s *almost* two! She’s going to give her big brother a run for his money on the “busy” front! She’s a sweetheart though, and is always trying to make us laugh! She’s a cuddlebug, and can be very jealous of her Mama (although not where her baby sister is concerned). She loves to sing and dance, and her favourite song it “Oh Canada”.

Lastly, there’s Baby Button. Our baby girl is 9.5 months at the moment, and growing so fast! She’s adored by all of her siblings, and she adores them all back! Especially her big brother, as soon as he walks into the room she’s all smiles. She’s a total Mama’s girl, and her latest fascination is baby dolls.

So, there you have it, a little summary about my babies. I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about them if you choose to follow along with us!


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