Review- Large Family Logistics


A few months ago it seemed like this book, written by Kim Brenneman (mother of 9), was everywhere! I was hearing about it, reading blogs about it, and seeing it everywhere I turned. Well, I love a good book, and I love organization, so I ordered it. When it arrived I was shocked at how large this book was! I think in my mind I was expecting novel size, when this book is more like a text book!

It’s like a text book in other ways too, it’s a huge encyclopaedia of knowledge about cleaning, raising children, homemaking, etc. It’s written for large families but it doesn’t matter if you have one child or a dozen, you will be blessed by the wealth of knowledge that this book holds between it’s covers!

When I first sat down with the book I had only it and a cup of coffee in hand, a few pages in though I found myself running to the desk for post-it notes, highlighters, and a notebook. Now my book is dog-eared and even more useful than it was when I bought it!

Kim Brenneman gives useful, practical advice and tips as well as deeper insight. She writes in that understanding way of someone who has been there, and lived to see the other side.

One of the (many) great features of this book is the “Moving Beyond Survival Mode” Appendix in the back, which outlines a twelve step guide to getting life under control!

I loved this book, and have re-read it entirely twice, and referenced it many more times than I could count!

This book is available at Christianbooks

And you can visit her blog here Large Family Logistics


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