How We Do Chores

Recently, a new chore system was put into place at our house. Instead of the typical allowance system, we’ve decided to try a more points-based system.

Chores are important to us. I feel it gives the children a sense of importance, and teaches them the value of hard work. It also makes things run a lot smoother around here just by delegating the smaller jobs to the smaller people.

The kids chores alternate from time to time, but right now it looks like this:

Sophia (2.5), while I don’t expect her to routinely do chores, but she won’t be left out of anything her brother and sister are doing! And I must say, she has surprised me!
-Make bed.
-Pick up toys.
-Clean bedroom.

Rylan (almost 5).
-Make bed.
-Pick up toys.
-Clean bedroom.
-Load dishwasher.
-Clean bathroom sink.

Alyssa (6.)
-Make bed.
-Pick up toys.
-Clean bedroom.
-Unload dishwasher.
-Put away laundry.

Each chore is assigned a point value (smaller, daily chores such as making their beds are worth 1 while bigger, more time-consuming chores such as cleaning the sink are worth 2-3).

Then, we all sat down together and came up with a rewards list. The kids told us what things they would like to earn and we assigned corresponding points values. A few examples:
-Chocolate bar (20 points).
-Tim Horton’s hot chocolate (30 points).
-$5 (70 points)
-Family game night, complete with snacks (100 points)
-Movie night at home, including movie rental and treats (150 points)
-Barbie/action figure (250 points)
-Trip to the movie theatre, including snacks (350 points)

I expected my kids to want to “spend” their points as soon as they hit enough for the first “trade-in”, but they’ve surprised me, all three of them are saving for a trip to the movie theatre! We’ve decided to allow them to combine their earnings to reach their goal faster, and they’re nearly half way there!

The only issue we had in planning this system was coming up with a way that the children could visually see their points grow. The answer, buttons! Being the obsessive crafter that I am, I literally have thousands of them laying around, and the kids love going through my button jar at the end of each day to make their “deposits” into their cups.


So far this system has worked great, the children have been working hard and cheerfully! Many days I even have them coming to me to ask for extra jobs!


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