This past weekend we celebrated our son’s fifth birthday. Yes, my “baby” boy is five. How did that happen?!



He’s all about superheroes these days, so of course he wanted a superhero party! This couldn’t have made me any happier, you see, I’m kind of a nerd. So I took off into planning mode. I decided that I would do up capes and masks for the birthday boy and all of his guests (I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow!). They were a hit!

Let me tell you, planning winter birthday parties is tough! Most superhero games we could find or think up involved smashing, bashing, or throwing, and I did not think that idea was wise inside the house! So I got some poster board and made a “pin the star on Captain America’s shield”. Another hit!


And then there was cake!


But the thing the kid’s were most excited about was, superhero jello!


Hannah was not, however, excited about the masks!





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