Superhero Cape and Mask Tutorial!

I made these for the birthday boy and all of his guests at my son’s fifth birthday party last weekend and they went over so well that I thought I would share the tutorial with you all!

The Cape

First I cut rectangles out of fabric (I left the fold in the center so I could cut two at once). I measured between my son’s shoulder blades (10”) and then added 4” to allow a lot of seam allowance, I did the same for the length and came up with 28”. This is where my quilting mat and rotary cutter came in handy! Two of the tools I didn’t think I needed until I had them!


I started by hemming the fabric on three sides (bottom and sides). I ironed and pinned about 1/4” seams, and then straight stitched with coordinating thread.



Then along the top edge I created a “pocket” to slide the neck strap through. I folded about 1/4” in, and then folded again about 1.5”. Ironed and sewed it up with a straight stitch.


(And yes, at this point I was still using our Christmas table cloth! I’m pleased to report that it is gone now!)

Next, I made the neck straps. I cut the strips of fabric about 16” long and 2.5” wide. I ironed them in half and used a zig-zag stitch to sew the long sides together. Then turn.


Then I tucked in the ends and straight stitched them closed.


Then slide the strap through the pocket made on the cape body. (Tip: If you don’t want the strap to slide out, sew through the strap and body at the edge to hold it in place).

Then attach velcro (I used velcro dots for this project). Make sure you’re putting them on the right sides of the straps so that they will fasten properly.


And you’re cape is finished!

The Mask

You can download my mask templates here.

Cut out two identical masks in different colours for a reversible mask, or the same colour if you prefer.


Lay them on top of each other and choose a coordinating colour thread. Straight stitch them together, ensuring that you “sandwich” the elastic between the layers.



I’m sure our little superheroes will enjoy these as much as mine did!


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