Hooked on Phonics- Review

We began using Hooked on Phonics about a year and a half ago. We ordered a kindergarten kit similar to this. (the kindergarten appears to be no longer available) from Christian Books, and only paid $9.99. Awesome deal! I ordered the first grade set that I linked above this year as well.

hooked on phonics

My daughter was really excited about it, for a while. Then it seemed to lose her attention. She loves the worksheets though (the kit comes with a DVD containing tons of worksheets and games!), and the story books are awesome! The teacher’s guide is also very well put together.

The workbooks though, she didn’t really enjoy. She said they were boring. I don’t think it’s really a curriculum fault though, I think that it just didn’t mesh well with her. I feel that my son will like it much better than she did, and I’ve set them aside for him.

All in all, it is a great product for the price, and coupled with lots of reading practice I believe it can be a great resource.

As for Alyssa though, it’s time to move to something else. She was given Explode the Code curriculum for Christmas and she’s very excited to get started with that this week!


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