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I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is over, and that’s exactly why I chose today to write this post! I think that to many people save their romance for those special days and let it slide by the rest of the year. For us, it is very important to keep our relationship alive as a couple and not just as “mommy and daddy”.

Friday night is date night in our house. Most Fridays it is just a matter of eating junk food and watching movies together after the children are all tucked into bed, but we do try to do something out of the house at least once a month, even if it’s just going out for a coffee. So, I’ve compiled a list of date ideas, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Kid-friendly dates. If you can’t afford a sitter, or don’t live in an area where you know anyone that you trust, that doesn’t mean that dates are out! Go somewhere that will keep the kids entertained while you grab a few precious moments together- think restaurants with a play area, a bouncy house, the park, etc.

Swap babysitting. You’re not the only one who has the babysitting issue! Get together with another couple you trust, or a whole group if you have the resources, and arrange a babysitting swap!

Late dinners together. This is a favourite in our house, after the kids are all fed (we usually make this special for them too by feeding them “kid food”) and tucked into bed, we have a grown-up dinner. Sometimes it’s take out, sometimes we’ll cook a favourite, but it’s nice to be able to sit and talk during a meal without having interruptions of “Can I please have some more?”.

Play board games! Either together, or with other couples. Some of our favourites are Scrupples, Balderdash, and Pictionary.

Go grocery shopping without the kids if possible. I know it may not sound like a date, but we have some of our best chats when we’re grocery shopping!

Movie night. A personal favourite, especially when money is tight.

See a local sports event. This is great especially if you’re on a tight budget as they are usually very reasonable priced.

Volunteer together. Find something that you’re both passionate about and dive in! There’s something special about working together to better the world!

Garage sales, Flea Market, Farmer’s Market. You never know what kind of treasure you might find! Grab a coffee and browse for a couple of hours.

Go for a walk. It’s a great time to chat, and it’s free!

Go ice skating/roller skating. Even if you’re not athletic, you’ll have fun laughing at each other!

Go to a drive-in. I know they’re few and far between now, but if there’s one near you, you should go!

Learn something new together. A new hobby, take a cooking class, anything that hits your fancy!

Go for a drive. It’s a great time to chat and connect without having to worry about interuptions.

Be a tourist in your town. A lot of times we get caught up with life that we don’t even what’s happening around us! Visit new places, try new restaurants, see local bands, etc.

Have a bon fire, if you’re in an area that you can that is. Roast marshmallows!

Look through old pictures of yourselves as a couple, if you’re feeling extra creative, make a scrapbook! When we looked through our photos, we realized that we didn’t have many photos of the two of us! Vow to take more!

Window Shopping. Even if money is tight, day dreaming is still fun!

Cook together. Try and new recipe, or an old favourite!

Tackle a project together. Remodel the bathroom, build a snow fort, whatever you want/need to get done- you will have more fun if you do it together!

Most importantly, whatever you do, make it fun and make it regular!

What does date night (or day) look like in your house?



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