March Goals


We had not one, not two, but three rounds of sickness in our house this month so that put a kink into most of my goals. Ah well, next month!

Last Month’s Goals

*Plan and have a fun date night with the hubby (not only is it Valentine’s Day, our anniversary is this month as well!)

Not only did we have a date night, but we were able to get away for an entire night!

*Workout 17 days this month. (I know, it would be easier to say “every second day” or “x amount of times per week”, but I feel like I need more ‘wiggle room’ than that).

This one didn’t happen. I did get 14 days though!

*Stick to our new homeschool schedule. The kids are thriving with it, and we all love being finished for the day by 1pm.

Mostly managed this one! Other than a couple of sick days, and morning appointments, this one was a success!

*Brainstorm a list of fundraising ideas with the kids for Relay for Life.

We worked on it, but we’re not quite finished yet (blog post coming soon!).

*Start de-cluttering (again!). I want to declutter our bedroom this month- shelves, dresser, and closet.

Closet, done. Dresser and shelves, not so much.

*Finish sewing together quilt blocks.

Nope. Didn’t even work on it.

Hopefully the sicknesses have passed and this month’s goals will run a bit smoother!

March Goals


*Plan a fun date night with the hubby. We have a “date night” every Friday, but we want to do something different, maybe even out of the house!

*Finish list of fundraising ideas with the kids for Relay for Life (blog post coming soon!).


*Stick to our new budgeting system, it’s been working really well!

*Finish decluttering our dresser and shelves, and declutter the kid’s toy boxes! I’m dreading that one already!

*Stick to my new cleaning schedule.


*Workout at least 20 times this month.

*Finish sewing quilt blocks together. I’m carrying this one over from last month.

*Start getting up at 6am daily. I love being up before the kids, but it’s so hard to drag myself out of bed!


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