My name is Chantelle and I’m married to a wonderful man, we have four amazing children. Alyssa is our oldest, at six years old. Next comes Rylan, our only son, at *almost* 5. Sophia is two, and Miss Hannah is 18 months!

I work for a design and print company, and I’m working on opening up an Etsy shop.
On top of all of this, we’re blessed to be a homeschool family. Alyssa is doing first grade work, and Rylan is working on Kindergarten. They’re a bit ahead of where they would be in the school system, but they’re fast learners and who am I to stop them?

I enjoy sewing, writing, knitting, DIY, and just about any other type of crafting. I’m very frugal, and have dreams of eventually owning a small farm. I’m also on a fitness journey, it started as a weightloss journey but somewhere along the way fitness became more important to me than numbers on the scale. That being said, I’ve lost over 30 lbs since having my youngest child.

I am constantly hearing comments about how busy we must be, and you know what, we are- but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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