If The Kids Ran The House


If my kids ran the house they would eat ice cream for breakfast, with a side of chocolate bars and candy canes. They would never get dressed, or brush their hair. They wouldn’t have to make their beds, or load the dishwasher, or clean the bathroom sink. The only “schooling” would happen through exploration and sleepovers would never end. Their toy boxes would be empty, because nothing would be put away.

The floors would be filthy, the sink full of dishes, and there would be endless dust and cobwebs in the corners. The carpet would be stuffed with chip crumbs, their blankets would never be washed, and the lawn would never be mowed. If it snowed, the driveway wouldn’t get shoveled because the more snow the better!

Music would play all day, baths would be optional, and the fridge would be full of junk food. Naps wouldn’t happen and bedtime would be a matter of just “crashing out”. They would do what they want, when they want, without any regard for rules, priorities, or Mom’s sanity.

They would also say I love you more, have more fun, and forgive easier. They would use their imagination with no limits, they would learn and experience new things, and they would learn to deal with hurt feelings. They would enjoy their day from sun up to sun down and they would never be bored.

Mom and Dad wouldn’t have to go to work, and we would stay home to play and read stories all day. We would build epic treehouses, igloos, and blanket forts that we would never have to take down. We would probably find the long-forgotten joy of being care free and truly having fun. We would know our children better, and cuddles would be given freely.

Best of all, we wouldn’t have to worry about our kids “growing up too fast”, or missing out on their childhood. We would never lament about “where the years went” or “how did that happen?”. We would just enjoy them, play with them, and love them.